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Hunters Posing With Their Kill Get Instant Karma

This has to be the most terrifying moment of their lives! 

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  • Posted On August 16, 2017 by Guy stackman

    Sucked in if you didn’t eat it don’t kill it hoping you got what was coming to use

  • Posted On August 16, 2017 by Sean keating

    I hope the loin got a hold of them and riped their throats open, fucking assholes

  • Posted On April 21, 2017 by Marie Donohue

    To me these people are no better than poachers. The animal populations are dwindling and they are lusting to satisfy their egos. Im glad the Lion got them.

  • Posted On April 19, 2017 by Andrew

    English bastards Lina? You’re bad at accents, cos they’re not from anywhere near England.

  • Posted On April 18, 2017 by Matt

    Hope their dead was slow and painful…bastards!!!

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