Newcastle Australia StarTrack driver loses it spitting and punching (Language warning)

Sunny Newcastle , woke up to this tool hurling abuse at my front door . After checking the condition of my door I asked him if he needed to drop something off But it would seem he lives across the street and had an issue with where I placed my bin for removal the night before. I stopped him in the middle of his rant to get my phone , he waited patiently. Started his rant as soon as I hit record .
Newcastle council had asked us to leave our bins on the other side of the road for pick up , completely understandable as they have one day and allot of bins.

Wasn't a great idea to approach this guys though. Apart from having to get a blood test after this, I have also been told of a double murder that took place in the same suburb that involved a nut cracker similar to this.

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  • i am the wife of the star track driver this incident only occurred after months of of constant harrasment we have witnesses this guy also attacked my husband much worse than this physically assaulting him in front of numerous witnesses charges were going to be laid but my husband stupidly went across and shook this idiots hand and said weve gotta live near each other so im willing to forget this what a big mistake as soon as enough time had passed he started harrassing my entire family again the whole story is going to come out very soon and its really unbelievable the lengths this guy has gone to to ruin our lives i cant wait till weve had our day in court and after that were going to tell the whole story

    leanne clarke

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