The Real Pirate Of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp, Just Surprised Fans At Disneyland

In what must be his 987,600th appearance as the drunken pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow, rocked up to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride — which, fun fact, the franchise is based upon — and wooed fans with his swashbuckling antics. Take a peek for yourself:



Imagine going to Disneyland with your family only to find Johnny Depp there. For a few lucky fans, that’s exactly what happened. Johnny Depp managed to make the happiest place on earth even more magical for a few visitors at the world renowned theme park. The actor made a surprise appearance at the Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Depp was in full character complete with his costume and mannerisms as he surprised dozens of riders as they rode in their respective boats. Obviously, everyone was in shock and happy to see the famous actor. In one fan captured video, we see Johnny repeating lines from his movie as he interacted with fans. This isn’t the first time the actor took to Disneyland to promote his upcoming movie. Even for Alice in Wonderland, the actor surprised a few unsuspecting fans by talking to them through the screen.

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